Rapport 2017

Our November 2016 action of collecting toys to send them to Congo went well as far as the collection is concerned, but we did not have enough funds to send the toys. The toys are still

with us and will wait an opportunity to be sent.


We have been able to use our modest funds differently, though! The beginning of the school year is a difficult time for many children in Africa, since they have no funds to buy notebooks and other school material, and so have to stay at home with not even basic material to go to school available to them. Our association has acted on this and this September we sent money to Brazzaville, Congo, to be used to buy complete sets of school material for ten randomly chosen orphaned children. Our volunteers on the spot, led by M. Mack Martin Mahouku, distributed material to the children concerned, here is a picture of that happy event. You can recognise the volunteers by the (slightly misspelt J ) sign of the association on their T-shirts!


On the administrative side, we are pleased that finally, we have a dedicated bank account, whose coordinates are given on the front page. It took a lot of work to open this account since classical accounts are too expensive for a small association like ours and the internet ones proved to be aimed at personal accounts and not the association ones. In the end, we have been able to use an account in England, which is given below. Thank you for all who invested in our association, be it financially or otherwise. We cannot quantify all the support we obtained from our volunteers and the moral and financial investment of those who have used their phone lines, bank accounts and personal property to make the collection of toys and providing the school material possible!


Thank you all! 

A clickable photo of the distribution of the school materials, October 2017